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Hello I am Ame. What you will find here is a lot of gifs and reblogs particularly about things I love at the time. I reblog a lot of fandom stuff. But occasionally I will post a cosplay of mine. To see more head over to my Cosplay Facebook Page or my deviantart
Ame Answers My Cosplay
This post is silly, probably to most of you, besides to the people I am posting about…

But I just… I really really wanted to say, that I have been missing some of my cosplay friends recently.

Those friends are my IMT (InnerMindTheater) friends.

I really do not get to hang out with most of them very often, but I see posts and things from them all the time… and sometimes it just makes me very very sad I do not live closer to have awesome shenanigans with them. And then I get to thinking about them and when the possibility I will get to hang with them again would be. (or… mainly what con)

SO ANYWAY… this post is pretty pointless, and basically is just me saying a giant, big, amazingly HELLO to the beautiful ( and I mean beautiful :] ) girls of IMT, and that I feel  Youmacon cannot get here soon enough (but at the same time it can because I am SO behind on my costumes… oh lordy.)

So I suppose that is it… now have a cute gif because I wuv you guys :3

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